post-launch study

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Evaluate and improve your value propositions: Discover how people integrate your new product or service in their life, what they think, and their level of emotional engagement. Learn how it connects and compares in their ecosystem. Understand the activities that surround use, as well as the motivations and triggers for use. Uncover mismatches between product and brand promises, user goals, and actual uses. Enhance the experience people have by making improvements that more fully meet their expectations.

How it works: 

Videotaped observation of the interactions people have with your product or service. Conversation and follow-up questions while it's happening. Focus on reasons for the initial purchase, comparison to other elements in the household ecosystem, and influence on the way they do things. Participants also keep diaries for five days after their sessions.

  • understand behaviors, goals, and expectations surrounding use
  • identify key product attributes associated with related activities or goals
  • bring out brand and product preferences
  • identify gaps with expectations, pain points, and areas for improvement
  • reveal unmet and unarticulated needs
  • highlight issues in usability and user interface
  • strategic roadmap to improve features and functionality
  • pinpoint opportunities for low-cost, high-impact changes in next iteration of product/service
  • Project Server
    • online diaries and photos, searchable
  • Analysis Session
    • data review
    • emergent findings
  • Insights Workshop
    • presentation of findings and recommendations with slides and visuals
    • prioritized roadmap for making improvements
    • insight cards
    • participant profiles
    • video highlights
Time Frame: 
12 weeks

3 markets; 4 participants per market; 1 pilot session; 2 workshops: analysis, insights

Add Option: 
$36,000 per additional market