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Connect to value propositions: Gain quick access to people's everyday experience — their feelings, goals, pain points, and workarounds. It could be about places (coffee shop, playground), interactions (family, hobby group), activities (cooking, commuting, playing), or objects (kitchen appliance, shoes, backpack, car). Resulting visuals and insights help inspire product and service design, or feature development.

How it works: 

Based on an area of focus defined by the client, participants take photos and describe their experience and feelings while involved in their daily activities. We prompt them to focus on specific aspects of their experience, times of day, objects, or tasks. This is a self-reporting study, an in-context visual diary kept online.

  • document normal and unintended in-context uses
  • understand pain points and strategies people employ to deal with them
  • gain insight into unsupported user needs that can be addressed through design efforts
  • uncover user definitions of positive and negative attributes of products/services
  • get access to reasons behind preferred products and services
  • insights that support ideation and design
  • Project Server
    • online diaries and photos, searchable
  • Insights Workshop
    • presentation of findings with slides and visuals
    • insight cards
    • participant profiles
Time Frame: 
3 weeks from start to end

6 participants; simple demographics for recruitment

Add Option: 
$12,000 per 3 additional participants