guided home expeditions

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Get inside the touch-points of your value propositions: Join ethnographic expeditions to deeply understand the reality of your customer's life. Observe people in their homes as they interact with products, services, spaces, and other people. Talk with them about their perceptions, how they do things, challenges they encounter in using particular products, and what matters to them most. Afterwards, zoom in on key insights during debrief sessions led by senior ethnographers.

How it works: 

Become immersed in the research process. Help develop a field guide. Join ethnographers in the field, as we observe, shadow, and interview people in their homes. Sessions are documented with video and still photos. You participate in session reviews directly after each event. Together we focus on use and perception of products/services relevant to your business. We also highlight key functional and organizational aspects of the homes we visit.

  • directly witness the complete, real user experience
  • tag along to immerse yourself in ethnographic approaches
  • observe in-depth the in-home activities, interactions, and uses of space most relevant to your business
  • understand in-person user behaviors and motivations
  • perspectives and insights grounded in experience of being part of an ethnographic research team
  • Insights Workshop
    • presentation of findings and recommendations with slides and visuals
    • participant profiles
    • insight cards
Time Frame: 
5 weeks

5 homes; one market; active client participation