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Bring to life customer segments: Create rich video portraits of people who represent your key market segments. We put a face on your users, and show how your products or services are integrated into their lives. Ideal for executive presentations, marketing support, as well as illustration of customers for ad sales and design teams. Participants are carefully screened and selected to best exemplify your target attributes.

How it works: 

A senior researcher and professional videographer interview and shadow participants while involved in daily activities, using products and services in context. For each session we generate a selection of video clips, to illustrate actions, interactions, and emotions relevant to the project objectives. We edit and produce a high-quality video with rich, visual portraits of each participant.


One-hour professionally produced video.

  • Video
    • high-quality edited video
  • Insights Workshop
    • presentation of key findings and themes
    • participant profiles
Time Frame: 
6 weeks

4 participants; 2 markets; recruitment process includes up to four rejections of candidate participants.

Add Option: 
$22,000 per additional participant