cultural landscape

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Focus on customer segments and channels: Understand cultural meanings embedded in practices and artifacts related to your business. Access the ideas, images, and messages that form people's expectations and perceptions. Understand values that drive behaviors and decisions in your markets. Discover intersections between subcultures and categories of products and services.

How it works: 

Researchers collect data from secondary sources. They interview subject matter experts, visit places central to the study, and gather artifacts from the perspective of both consumers and producers. We look at a variety of sources — print-based and online media (books, blogs, forums, etc.) and cultural artifacts (TV, film, advertising, music, products). We analyze and document cultural artifacts, practices, and discourses (commonly circulated messages) relevant to the subject matter.

  • understand the wider cultural context for your products / services
  • detect trends and emergent markets
  • uncover opportunities for new business, brand development, and messaging
  • tune into subcultures, and identify new segments
  • get a sense of the range of cultural messages and ideas that affect individual experiences
  • side benefits:
    • some hypotheses: how people engage with various cultural artifacts/practices
    • prepare the ground for larger research projects
  • Insights Workshop
    • posters describing key cultural dimensions
    • opportunity map
    • photo essay
    • bibliography
Time Frame: 
2 weeks from start to end

purely secondary research